SA XCO CUP #2 – Lesotho

Lesotho the mountain kingdom.
Despite being in Lesotho 3 times to photograph the Lesotho Sky MTB Stage race, I still haven’t cycled there. When I heard that the second SA XCO Cup would be in Lesotho, I was super excited to go.

The practice session leading up to the SA XCO Cup #2 was tough with my knee still sore from the crash but with another practice session the day before I felt a lot better and was ready to race.

We were 5 Pro-Elite ladies on the start line. Was great to have a Lesotho rider on the start with us. Mentally I was ready but physically I just had no power and my knee was too sore to push harder than a Sunday stroll.

Feeling like I needed to clear my mind and focus on something else, I photographed the Pro-Elite and Junior men’s race.

The last 2 weeks have been a tough but good learning experience.

Thank you to Heiko, My family, Paarl Media, Grevile & Sharon, Orange Monkey Pro Team, Bryan & Mariske Strauss and to everyone I haven’t mentioned:)


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