2014 WP XCO #2 – Paul Cluver Estate

The WP XCO #2 was the last race to test the legs before leaving for my adventures overseas.

The course was fun and non technical giving riders who are new to XCO a confidence boost.  After watching the sprogs race however, it didn’t seem like they needed it as they were flying around the course with no fear. It was great to watch the younger categories race and see their focus and dedication.

Sub Vet, Vet, Master Men and the women age cats were all combined, adding different dynamics to the race. I was determined not to be lapped by Nico Pfitzenmaier which kept me focused so that I wouldn’t loose too much time. The support from the spectators & other riders added to the motivation to ride harder. In the end I reached my goal by not getting lapped by Nico and finishing 1st in the Elite women.

Off the bike and into the feed zone to assist Heiko for his race. The Elite, U23 & Junior men had a strong start with Heiko setting a fast pace. I get more nervous feeding than when I am racing cause I don’t want to make a mistake in giving the wrong bottle or not handing it over correctly and it dropping.  I didn’t need to worry too much however since the racing wasn’t that aggressive and everyone helped each other out in the feed zone making sure the riders were happy.

Even though the turn out was small (especially with so many races happening on the 10 May) the vibe amongst everyone was fantastic which made the riding enjoyable. A big Thank you to Paarl Media, Bryan Strauss, Paul Cluver Wines & the parents for all the effort put into making the event possible.

If we don’t help support the sport we love, how can we expect it to grow?

After the race, Heiko, Nix, Swen, Paul and myself went for a chilled ride on the trails of Oak Valley which are in sublime condition. All in all it was a super day on the bike shared with great people.

Congrats to all the Paarl Media Riders for a great performance.

Sprog Boys: 1st  Luke Moir

Sprog Girls:  1st  Sarah Van Der Walt

Sub Junior Boys: 3rd  Daniel Van Der Walt

Youth Boys: 1st   Matthew Keyser,  3rd  Andrew Sparks

Junior Boys:  3rd  Sybrand Strauss, 4th  Manie Lubbe

Elite Men: 1st   Dominic Calitz, 2nd  Heiko Redecker

Elite Women:  1st   Cherie Vale


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