Freedom is an integral part of producing art. Growing up on a farm in the Midlands gave me the freedom to develop a passion for the outdoors, and exploring. That freedom and passion became something that was incorporated into any sport I set my mind to. I loved to capture the liberty and excitement of the moment, but never thought of becoming a photographer. I imagined I’d eventually do something of a more commerce- or sport-related nature, but the desire to capture the world surrounding me grew stronger, and I learned that the art of photography is closely linked to many other fields of expertise.

Photography is not just about taking an image. It is the narration of a story, and learning from a situation, whether that relates to the plight of township living, or capturing corporate affairs. My camera has become my eyes, my memory, the instrument that transports me places and teaches me things that textbooks cannot. It is my wish to share that; to connect people and places together, producing the art and giving them freedom.


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